Towcester Chiefs Accused of Corruption, Match-Fixing

The chief of Towcester, Kevin Ackerman, has been called before a British horse racing regulatory body to answer charges of corruption and match-fixing. According to the British Horseracing Authority, Ackerman, along with two jockeys and two other individuals were involved in a conspiracy to undermine the fairness of several horse racing matches between 2011 and 2012.

Kevin AckermanTowcester is the premiere racing track located in Northamptonshire in the Midlands of England. Towcester has hosted horse and greyhound races since its establishment in 1928, and the latest charges against its head have rocked the historic institution.

The allegations of corruption relate to races starring the horse Ad Vitam. Another official of Towcester, David Greenwood, is accused of telling jockeys not to race Ad Vitam on its rankings so it would not place, so as to better profit by communicating the inside information to bookmakers. Greenwood was the subject of an earlier investigation by the British Horseracing Authority earlier this year, but the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence.

For their parts, Greenwood and Ackerman released a statement to the press stating that they consider themselves to have been unfairly targeted by the BHA, which has investigated the pair several times over the past decade. In the statement, the pair stated that the investigation should be dropped as an abuse of process and said that they believed they would not be able to receive a fair hearing from the BHA. The allegations rely on the testimony of the same person who earlier alleged that Kate Walton engaged in match-fixing in races featuring Thunder Rumble, an American thoroughbred which passed away in January of this year. The accusations against Kate Walton were later dropped, which Greenwood and Ackerman said ought to be enough to exonerate them, as well.

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Leading the Horse Race Betting Scene

It sure is thrilling to bet your money on how fast a horse can run and how skilfully your jockey can lead your horse towards the finish line. Unless you are a millionaire and it does not matter to you if you lose a million or two, you wouldn’t want to see your horse losing. Horse race betting is more of an art form and here we tell you how you can get it right.

Identify the best horse

Horse Race Betting

The first thing you will have to do is determine which horse has the most chances of winning the race. By determining, we do not mean just looking at the horses and going with your intuition (it may not work all the time, so let’s get calculative here). Go through the details and records about each horse mentioned in the racing form and analyse who has a good chance of winning.

Distance, pace, and speed are very powerful in tandem. Looking at how your horse runs (and, as importantly, how she finishes) in different distances will clue you in to how she’ll perform in races of different lengths.

Take the distance and speed into consideration

To increase your chances of winning, you will have to take into account factors like the speed of your horse and the distance to be covered. You will need to be clear about the way your horse runs while covering different race lengths and how she finishes the race.

Is your horse in ‘form’

Just like your favourite sports players, horses too have form cycles. You cannot expect hundred percent consistency from horses, so you will have to consider if your horse is performing at it’s best or if it will still need time to perform well.

Betting is all about the identifying the odds. You also need to be aware of the kinds of bets and determine which one you need to stick to.

Jockey Jason Maguire Facing Trouble

Jockey Jason MaguireIf the recent reports released by Musselburgh are true then reputed jockey Jason Maguire is going through a tough phase physically. He did not ride his last mount at Scottish Track when he suffered a wrist injury after falling from Donald McCain’s horse Silver Gent at the first fence of Home of Racing Handicap Chase. He is not likely to run in the Cheltenham race. His agent Chris Broad allayed the fears of bookies and punters stating that though he has not been able to personally talk to Jason, he has spoken with spectators at the event who stated that Jason just appeared shaken and was not taken to hospital.

Statement by Jason’s agent

During his discussion with members of the press about Jason’s injuries, Chris Broad stated that the jockey had banged his wrist just a week ago which was declared fit after a visit to the local doctor. After this Thursday’s fall Jason may have aggravated the pain but he has to suppress it as Friday games have to be played after which he has a gap of three days due to the ban. Though Jason Mcguire has appealed for repeal of the Ludlow ban the hearing is yet to get underway. In the Onny Maiden Hurdle, Jason finished seventh on Born to Succeed which was trained by Ben Pauling.

Detail of the ban

Jason Maguire has been sidelined from all races, which will be held between March 4-17 and also the four day Festival scheduled to begin on March 10. The jockey’s horse Born to Succeed has been banned from races for 40 days and its trainer Ben Pauling has been fined for $ 3000. The only information from the authorities is a message from British Horse Racing Authority which states that both rider and trainer have appealed against the sentence and they are not guilty of schooling or conditioning the horse as accused.

Horse Riders in Northamptonshire Become Crime Fighters

horse racingThe police of Northamptonshire has decided to take the help of 50 volunteers to become the “eyes and ears” of the local police. These trained horse riders will keep an eye out for problems in far flung rural areas while riding around the countryside to reduce the instances of crime in the region. They will work individually as patrolling crime reporters to inform the police about law issues occurring in the area. Though these volunteers will be given police uniforms, they will not be given any specific patrolling duties nor will they be asked to confront criminals breaking law. Since people in uniform are regarded as a deterrent to criminals, the police department is taking assistance of these volunteers to keep society peaceful and crime-free.

Duties and rights of police volunteers

According to basic regulations governing enlistment of these volunteers, they should be over 18 years of age and own their own horses. Once they are enlisted the volunteers will have to undertake training for road safety under British Horse Society. On completion of this training, volunteers will be given an equestrian jacket with special police logo for identification purposes. Instead of trying to arrest or confront people breaking the law, these volunteers will casually ride around lanes, pathways and lonely areas around they countryside in their locality and report any unusual activity.

Effective for rural crime

Senior police officers hope that the initiative will help curtail rural crime and put a stop to illegal rave parties. The volunteers will provide support to police in places where officers cannot patrol on a regular basis and deter speeding motorists on rural motorways. Volunteer’s horses will be given special blankets for winters while the riders will have standard yellow police jackets. The idea to introduce volunteers in Northamptonshire was inspired by similar projects, which have been successful in Hertfordshire and Norfolk. In both these regions, the police had employed special constables on horseback for countryside patrols along with local volunteers.

Jockey Derek O’Connor Establishes Record

On Sunday, February 15 2015, history was created at a field in Co. Limerick as Derek O’ Connor guided his steed Death Duty to victory in a point-to- point win. With this feat, he is now the first rider from both sides of Irish Sea to compete a record of 1000 wins. At Co. Limerick, Derek won the event by 15 lengths under ownership of Michael O’ Leary’s Stud. When announcing the proud moment Michael O’Leary’s racing manager Eddie confirmed their pleasure in helping Derek get his 1000th win and hoped that soon he would be able to match AP McCoy’s record by winning 3300 more events.

Derek O’ Connor’s illustrious wins

Derek-OConnorAt the Cheltenham Festival of 2011, Derek road two horses among which first was Zemsky during Christy’s Foxhunter that he won easily by 17 lengths and followed it up with ride to victory on Chicago Grey at national Hunt Chase. The second horse had been trained by Gordon Elliot. Derek won his first point to point race in February 2000 in partnership with Rossy Orchestra which was an all mares’ maiden dash at Killaloe. He completed his 999 win at Kirkistown located in Northern Ireland astride his favourite steed Muirhead helping him on the ferocious journey. He seemed quite pleased with the turn of events as there was tremendous pressure to win and his family was there to support him.

Derek O’ Connor’s jockey career

This record making jockey who is the first person in history to make 1000 point to point wins is a humble family man from Beagh in Ireland. He has a soft corner from Cragmore, Limerick as his most loyal supporters reside here and is also home to Michael O’ Leary for whom he has ridden the most number of times. Pat Doyle, the trainer for Gigginstown House stud – Death Duty is a close friend of Derek O’Connor and had been prepping up the Brightwells Bloodstock for several years. He helped Derek choose the best horse which helped him win the race and also establish a record.

2014 Gambling Laws Change for Regions Across the Globe

Gambling laws are some of the most difficult to understand, and more often than not some of the most variant from one region to another. They’re also some of the most frequently adjusted laws locally, nationally, and internationally, across the world. When these types of laws change, they can affect everyone from players and casinos to industry giants.

playtechPlaytech, one of the top online gambling servers in the business, learned all too well how much a single country’s change in legislature can affect the industry. When Malaysia decided to block all online gambling sites within their country’s borders in an attempt to curb illegal gaming and betting activity, Playtech took a hit to their annual revenue. Malaysia comprised 8% of Playtech’s income prior to this decision, so when the change was made, the company definitely took a bit of a hit.

While the strict decision to ban online games in Malaysia leaves no room for interpretation, Las Vegas ran into the problem of some of their laws leaving too much wiggle room. The popular gambling destination ran into problems when the vagueness of the wording in their laws about slot and pachinko parlors such as the local favorite Dotty’s failed to set amounts for how much is too much for a bar to make on side businesses such as slot machines.

While some law changes deal strictly with the Do’s and Don’t’s of betting practices, others are far more political in nature. This year the Northern Territories of Australia proved that when their government officials more than doubled the cap on gambling taxes paid by big gaming giants such as Bet365. The previous cap of $250,000 was raised to $550,000 in an effort to push more funding into the struggling national and local economies.

In a world such as the one we live in today, it can be more difficult to keep track of the laws and regulations of gambling in any particular destination than it is to master the games themselves.

Legendary Horse Trainer Toby Balding Dies at Age 78

Tony Balding, one of the leading horse trainers in the UK, passed away on Thursday at the age of 78. Figures from the racing world lined up to pay their respects to a man many consider one of the best trainers in the history of horse racing.

Toby Balding

Balding twice trained horses that won the Grand National, which is widely considered to be the most prestigious horse racing event in the UK. His first victor in the Grand National was Highland Wedding, who ran to victory in 1969. Balding trained his second Grand National winner two decades later, when his horse Little Polvier came out victorious in 1989.

In addition to his famous triumphs at the Grand National, Balding was also famous for training Beech Road when he won the Champion Hurdle in 1989. Balding again had a horse win the Champion Hurdle, when he trained Morley Street before his 1991 victory. He also was widely praised for the job he did training Cool Ground on his way to a triumph in the Gold Cup in 1992.

Born in the United States in 1936, Balding moved with his family to the UK in 1945. He attended Marlborough College. In 1956, Balding began his legendary horse training career at the age of 19.

As well as being famous for his horse training prowess, Balding is also remembered for his instrumental role in shaping the careers of two legendary jockeys, Tony McCoy and Adrian Maguire. Balding gave both of these men their first jobs in the horse racing world, and both men credit his guidance as one of the key factors in making them the great jockeys they eventually became. Balding trained over 2,000 winners during his spectacular career. He finally bid goodbye to horse racing when he retired in 2004.

In recognition of his services to the world of horse racing, the queen awarded Balding an MBE in 2011. Balding will be greatly missed by many key figures in horse racing, including his niece Clare Balding, who is an anchor on BBC Sport.

Apprentice Jockeys Sustains Lethal Injuries in Riding Mishap

At a track in Indiana a 17-year old jockey, a rising star in the community and just an apprentice at the time, fell victim to a terrible accident on the track.

horse racingOn Tuesday night, Juan Saez passed on at Indianapolis’s Methodist Hospital. He had been taken there following the injury. His fellow compatriots at the track decided to not go forward with the Wednesday races, in honour of him. On Thursday, a public memorial will be presented for Saez, where anybody may attend. John Velazquez, jockey and chairman of the Guild, noted that at the very least some consolation could be found in the fact that he was loved and supported by countless family and friends. Indeed, many were in attendance during his races.

Luis Saez, a rising star on the national jockey circuit, is the older brother of Juan. Although they are from Panama, he resides in New York. While riding Montezuma Express, his horse for that particular race, Saez was thrown into immediate peril when Montezuma collided with Paddy’s Note, when they clipped heels during one of the extended stretches of the track. His time was split between a number of locations, from his starts at Indiana Grand to other entries into the Kentucky racetracks, where he led the pack of potential riders by winning a total of 21 times.

Retired rider Julio Espinoza had taken the youthful Saez under his wing, teaching him the ropes of horse racing, and representing him as an agent. Saez was known for his warmth, and his sheer friendliness. This was not the sole instance of injuries on the track recently. Jockey Marcelino Pedroza was thrown from his horse, Platitude. Platitude fell during the race, and had to be euthanised at a later time. Pedroza, however, only suffered minor bruises.

While these accidents go under close scrutiny by the Indiana Horse Racing Commission, the last of the races listed will be cancelled.

Aidan O’Brien Headed Back Down Under

Aidan O’Brien, one of the most legendary horse trainers of all time, is once again bringing a horse down to Australia. The horse, Adelaide, is a three-year-old horse that will be competing in the $3-million Cox Plate on Saturday. The course is 2040 meters, and Adelaide will be an underdog in the race.

aidan obrienmain

This will be the first trip to Australia in several years for O’Brien. He last brought horses to the country in 2008. That year, he brought three horses, Honolulu, Septimus and Alexandra Volta, to compete in the Melbourne Cup. The horses ended up going down in flames. All three of the horses finished in the bottom four of the race, and that inglorious result has kept O’Brien’s horses from returning to Australia until now.

Adelaide has been a good horse for O’Brien in his seven starts, but he seems to be at a significant disadvantage in the Cox Plate race. Adelaide is being forced to carry 56 kilograms, which is 6.5 more kilograms than the Australian three-year-olds that are running. This is due to the fact that Adelaide is considered to be a four-year-old according to the Australian racing regulations.

One factor that will be in Adelaide’s favor in the race is that O’Brien hasn’t been shy in racing him all over the world. Adelaide has already competed abroad in England, France and the United States. Therefore, he should not be fazed by the travel like other horses can be.

Another sign that points to a good showing for Adelaide in this race is that he won the Secretariat Stakes. That course was a tight, left-handed course of one and a quarter miles. That is just the kind of course that Adelaide will be running in the Cox Plate, and this gives his trainer O’Brien a lot of faith that his horse can gallop to victory this Saturday.