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Appreciating Horse Racing As Types of Horse Betting Explained

Horse racing has different kinds of betting being offered in race track. And to help beginners, here are the types of horse betting explained.

Let’s start with the Straight Bets:

Win – it’s the easiest bet in a horse race. In this bet, you are trying to predict horse winning. If the horse wins, you can collect your bet. Let’s say you bet $2 for ‘5’ which was showed by horse on the toteboard; if that horse wins, you will collect $12.This explains that your bet has been multiplied five times plus your $2 original bet, which will still be returned to you.

Place – this bet is similar to Win bet, but as win bet is particular with the bet itself, this one is particular with what place the horse got in the race. If you think the horse will finish on the first spot and second spot, you will collect your win in Place column. Although the risk of this bet is less, some people also bet less on this because of small return than Win bet.

Show – this type of straight bet is the safest among the three bets but offers the smallest winning amount. The ruling of this bet is also different. Instead of winning as the horse places first and second, in this bet first and second will not win more money; the third horse will then get the bigger return.

Across the board – this is a combination of three bets – Win, Place, and Show. If the horse wins, you will on all 3 bets. If it places second, Place and Show returns will be given to you. And if the horse wins the third place, you will only get the Show bet return.

Exacta – this is the easiest single race-exotic bets. It is the combination of forecasting the horse that will win and the horse that comes next.

Quinella – you will just pick the horses that will finish in the top two places. You don’t need to make certain on the winning of any of the two.

Appreciating Horse Racing As Types of Horse Betting Explained

Trifecta – this is quite hard and complex betting as you need to predict the horses that will fill up the three top places.

Superfecta – the most difficult single race exotics. You need to predict the first four horses to finish in correct order. You need to take different combinations to have the chance to win the bet with very high return.

Horse racing can really be an exciting event; but to enjoy it, it’s a good thing that you know the types of betting and how you win.

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