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Ascots Summer of Champions: Increased Horse Racing Betting

Horse race

Horse racing companies are pleased to report that off track bets are at a much higher level than last year. With King George’s event set to take place next weekend, enthusiasm for horse racing is at a fever pitch. With eight major races on July 25th-27th, there will be plenty more action for betters to put their money on. Racing establishments will be hoping this increased enthusiasm for horse race betting continues beyond this summer’s major events.

More Events Means More Betting –

The worry among the horse racing community has long been that their sport will not survive the online gambling age. They saw falling numbers of people betting on horse racing, along with reduced attendances at many events, and knew that change was needed. The ability to bet on smartphones and tablets, along with the introduction of fixed odds betting terminals, shifted gamblers’ attentions away from horse racing.

Race organizers responded by adding several events to the spring and early summer schedule, ensuring a steady stream of action for fans and gamblers. It is clear that those actions have paid off, with gambling stats showing a sharp rise in the number of horse racing bets compared to this time last year. There is no chance that horse racing will compete with football or cricket betting numbers, but the increase is a positive sign.

Betting Options –

A typical horse racing bet usually involves one of the most fancied horses. A typical gambler does not do extensive research, preferring to go on gut instinct. However, there are still plenty of horse racing enthusiasts who look to find a diamond in the rough to back before each major event. By pouring through their recent results, a pundit can see which horses have made the necessary progress to contend for a top three finish at an upcoming event.

Room for Improvement –

Bookmakers are happy with what they describe has “increased activity” in relation to horse racing bets. However, here is still more work to be done, with many believing that a mainstream online horse racing viewing option would help matters. There are ways for betters to watch the action online, but most of those sites only have a niche following.

By having major online betting companies provide easy-to-access options for viewing horse races on computers, tablets and smartphones, horse racing could attract a lot more interest from online gamblers.

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