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Grass Tracks Grow in California

For many of the fans attending live horse races, part of the thrill is experiencing the beauty of the track and the area in which it is located. Fans of the sport that value these kinds of things have been very excited about the completion of the track at Del […]

Australia Rolls Out Racing “Championships”

Australia will unveil its version of the North American Breeder’s Cup and Dubai’s World Cup next April. Australia’s Racing NSW and the Australian Turf Club oversee the new event, which will be called The Championships. The event will consolidate ten existing races, with total prize money exceeding $18 million Australian. […]

Winning Comes Direct

One of the primary reasons that players get so excited about online gaming is the consistency with which these games break jackpot records. In many instances, constantly breaking jackpot records is what allows a company to climb to the top of the gaming world where online play is concerned. There […]