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Former NFL Coach Wins $100,000 On The Horses

Former NFL Coach WinsImagine sitting down to watch a day of racing and walking home $100,000 richer. That is what former NFL coach Mike Tice can say. Just a couple of weeks ago, he laid down some bets at the Del Mar racetrack which he went to while on vacation with his wife. He initially took out $4,000 to make a bet on a pick 6 combination at the track. That bet did not come through for him, so he asked his wife if he could withdraw some more money to play.

When Tice took out more money to play another Pick 6, he hit it big. Though the bet on this one was much smaller at only $128, Tice got lucky enough to pick the correct 6 horses in a row to win the huge amount. It is a very difficult thing to pick even two winners in a row, let alone 6 of them. The $100,000 prize on a bet of only $128 was because Tice was the only one to correctly pick all 6 winners in a row at that track.

It has been reported that Tice is a big horse racing fan who loves to go to the track whenever he possibly can. It is not clear if his wife is nearly as interested in these things or not. It is certain though that she will not be unhappy with the big $100,000 windfall that came their way.

One of the horses that Tice picked to win in one of his races was a horse named Tebowing. This is ironic since the stunt of Tebowing was popularized by NFL player Tim Tebow. This is just one of the great ironies of the whole situation.

Taking out that kind of money to play on the horses is not something that most people would be able to do, and it is not something that most should do either. However, when stories like this come out, people do start to pay attention and start to dream of what it would be like to go to the track and win that kind of money.

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