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Horse Betting Made Easy

Horse racing is one of the oldest sporting events around the world, and yet it is still very popular. History accounts that this kind of racing first started in the days of Ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire. Back then it mostly took the form of dangerous, exciting chariot races.

Horse Betting Made Easy For Beginners

In 1665, horse racing was established in North America, with the very first track built in Salisbury Plains, Long Island, New York. From them on, horse racing became an organized sport in North America: anyone could wager or place pari mutuel wagers.

Horse Betting Made Easy For Beginners

When betting on a horse race, there are ways to increase your chances of winning. These tactics are especially useful for beginners.

Horse Betting Made Easy For Beginners
  • Bet on the horse favored by most wagers. It is the horse with the least possibility of losing the race. There is a reason that horse is a favourite.
  • Always read daily racing updates in local papers. There, you can read reviews and insights by racing experts. This information can be very useful for a beginner still finding their feet in the world of horse racing.
  • Bettors are often encouraged to purchase tip sheets prepared by experts, as this is very helpful in placing bets.
  • Observe the track record of jockeys and trainers. Jockeys with a lot of wins usually have the best horses, and excellent trainers are also rated highly.
  • Closely watch the horse on the TV monitor while it is in the paddock and while it is being paraded.

Horse racing can be lots of fun once you’ve got the hang of the basics!


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