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Jockey Jason Maguire Facing Trouble

Jockey Jason MaguireIf the recent reports released by Musselburgh are true then reputed jockey Jason Maguire is going through a tough phase physically. He did not ride his last mount at Scottish Track when he suffered a wrist injury after falling from Donald McCain’s horse Silver Gent at the first fence of Home of Racing Handicap Chase. He is not likely to run in the Cheltenham race. His agent Chris Broad allayed the fears of bookies and punters stating that though he has not been able to personally talk to Jason, he has spoken with spectators at the event who stated that Jason just appeared shaken and was not taken to hospital.

Statement by Jason’s agent

During his discussion with members of the press about Jason’s injuries, Chris Broad stated that the jockey had banged his wrist just a week ago which was declared fit after a visit to the local doctor. After this Thursday’s fall Jason may have aggravated the pain but he has to suppress it as Friday games have to be played after which he has a gap of three days due to the ban. Though Jason Mcguire has appealed for repeal of the Ludlow ban the hearing is yet to get underway. In the Onny Maiden Hurdle, Jason finished seventh on Born to Succeed which was trained by Ben Pauling.

Detail of the ban

Jason Maguire has been sidelined from all races, which will be held between March 4-17 and also the four day Festival scheduled to begin on March 10. The jockey’s horse Born to Succeed has been banned from races for 40 days and its trainer Ben Pauling has been fined for $ 3000. The only information from the authorities is a message from British Horse Racing Authority which states that both rider and trainer have appealed against the sentence and they are not guilty of schooling or conditioning the horse as accused.

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