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Multiple Horse Racing Bets: How Does Horse Racing Betting Work?

Some horse racing enthusiasts simply bet on their favourite horse, but very few of these really know how horse betting works. The most complicated kind of bet you can make in horse racing is the multiple bet, and it can appear to be very confusing to new enthusiasts.


Multiple Horse Racing Bets: How Does Horse Racing Betting Work?

Multiple Bets, Multiple Wins!

Multiple betting means betting on two or more horses on a number of races, backed to win or to be placed. A few of these bets are very simple, like Double in which two horses are backed to win or Treble wherein three horses must win. There are other bets which are more complicated than Doubles and Trebles, but we are going to look at the simpler ones.  These are Patent and Yankee.

Patent – also known as Round Robin. It requires seven individual bets. You bet on each horse in just one bet to win. You have to bet on each pair of horses in order to win, which are three Double bets and one bet on all three winnings.

Yankee – requires a bettor to place bets on four horses. The total bets would then be equal to eleven, which consists of six Double bets and four Trebles and a four timer. Two of your selections must win to get a return and this works as follows:

  • For doubles: 1 -2 1-3 1-4 2-3 2-4 3-4
  • For trebles: 1-2-3 2-3-4 1-3-4 1-2-4 4
  • For timer: 1-2-3-4

If there is a “Lucky 9” there is also this Lucky 15! This is a Yankee and four single win bets, which would make it to a total of fifteen bets. You will get money back if one of the horses you selected wins!

If you want to have a high rate of wins on multiple bets, then you have to make sure that you understand the betting systems.


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