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Portugal to Regulate Its Online Gambling Industry Before 2015

Blackjack is soon to be authorised as a legitimate online casino game in Portugal early next year. Enthusiastic online blackjack players will be relieved to learn of the recent improvements and sanctions on a bill soon to be passed in Portugal.

Apart from blackjack, the bill will also approve of casino table card games like Sintetico, Omaha, and Hold’em Poker variants.

 Many professional poker and blackjack players have been living in Portugal, lured by the exemption of gaming tax in the country.

Portugal gambling

 Portugal online gambling plans

 Portugal’s current Prime Minister Pedro Coelho has vouched to seek approval from the Parliament to completely regulate online gambling across the country’s virtual domain.

The government of Portugal is planning to allow licences for a wide range of online gambling options. Here is a list of some of the online products soon to be legitimately recognised:

  • Online casino games – Popular games like blackjack, roulette, craps, and slot games.
  • Sports bets – Odds placed on the performance or outcome of local or international team or individual player sporting events.
  • Horse-racing – Commonly known as punting, this sport has long been a crowd favourite.
  • Table card games – High stakes games like Poker and its many variations, blackjack, and baccarat, among others

 About the bill

 In an attempt to prevent illegal activities as far as possible, Portugal government demands the following rules be sanctioned.

  •  Compulsory adherence to certain ‘social policies’. These policies will look into appropriate distribution of revenues.
  • The bill proposes to implement gross gaming revenue tax of about 15-30% on internet casino games. The exact amount is yet to be decided on and passed by legislation.
  • All applicable online casino gaming companies will have to be legally registered in Portugal.
  • Recognised companies will need to acquire services of legal representatives based in Portugal.
  • Only domain names can be used by official online casino gaming portals.
  • All company financial transactions will have to be made through a credible Portuguese bank.

Portugal government holds the right to block any online casino gambling websites that choose not to adhere to the requirements set forth in the bill. Initially targeted to have the new regulations in place by this year’s end, a finer look at taxation and licensing requisites has caused the Portuguese Council of Ministers to extend the date to the next year.

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