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Towcester Chiefs Accused of Corruption, Match-Fixing

The chief of Towcester, Kevin Ackerman, has been called before a British horse racing regulatory body to answer charges of corruption and match-fixing. According to the British Horseracing Authority, Ackerman, along with two jockeys and two other individuals were involved in a conspiracy to undermine the fairness of several horse racing matches between 2011 and 2012.

Kevin AckermanTowcester is the premiere racing track located in Northamptonshire in the Midlands of England. Towcester has hosted horse and greyhound races since its establishment in 1928, and the latest charges against its head have rocked the historic institution.

The allegations come just as Kevin beat a charge of cheating laid against him by Casinos Online Canada. the one he and Towcester now face relate to races starring the horse Ad Vitam. Another official of Towcester, David Greenwood, is accused of telling jockeys not to race Ad Vitam on its rankings so it would not place, so as to better profit by communicating the inside information to bookmakers. Greenwood was the subject of an earlier investigation by the British Horseracing Authority earlier this year, but the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence.

For their parts, Greenwood and Ackerman released a statement to the press stating that they consider themselves to have been unfairly targeted by the BHA, which has investigated the pair several times over the past decade. In the statement, the pair stated that the investigation should be dropped as an abuse of process and said that they believed they would not be able to receive a fair hearing from the BHA. The allegations rely on the testimony of the same person who earlier alleged that Kate Walton engaged in match-fixing in races featuring Thunder Rumble, an American thoroughbred which passed away in January of this year. The accusations against Kate Walton were later dropped, which Greenwood and Ackerman said ought to be enough to exonerate them, as well.

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