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Winning Comes Direct

jackpot-city-casinoOne of the primary reasons that players get so excited about online gaming is the consistency with which these games break jackpot records. In many instances, constantly breaking jackpot records is what allows a company to climb to the top of the gaming world where online play is concerned. There is no doubt that Jackpot Madness has been able perform this feat, breaking records again and again when it comes to raw, cash payouts.

A Winning Record

People around the globe make Jackpot Madness their preferred gaming network due to the fact that they have made a record number of people millionaires many times over. Record winnings that have changed the lives of players include payouts that approached 1.5 million pounds in the past. On top of the huge potential money at hand, the affiliates of the Jackpot Madness network pay out in large, lump sums rather than small installments over time. Jackpot City Casino is one such entity that gave out winnings in excess of one million pounds in one lump payment.

Changing Lives

As the increased success for Jackpot Madness has continued, they have continued to raise the stakes for players. They have established European Major Millionaire. These sites have a global reach and offer players multi-currency options when it comes to collecting their winnings as well. Players can collect their jackpot in currencies that include local money or in that of Euros. Major Millionaire has since become a vastly popular and progressive game designed around slots. There are two different versions of the game that give players both excitement and versatility.

The Difference is Real

Plans for progressive slots from Jackpot Madness continue to move forward with the recent release of games featuring 5 different reels and a 15-line payout. They also put winning in the favor of players by allowing both new and classic versions of this game to add to the same cumulative jackpot. This jackpot always begins with a potential $250,000 before growing until someone claims the pot. Jackpot Madness continues to define themselves based on innovation and direct payouts, making them a unique and strong force in the world of online gaming.

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